THE WAND PLUS - UNIPIVOT TONE ARM - 10.3 inch model 

MADE TO ORDER -- please allow up to 6 weeks (often completed within 2-3 weeks though)

Please note that there are 3 sizes of tonearm available for the WAND and different HANA cartridges.  Please call us to discuss upgrade options.

  • 22mm diameter carbon-fibre tube is 4x stiffer than conventional arms
  • Careful termination of arm vibrations. Solid machined 50mm Brass body
  • Medium effective mass (13 to 16g) suits most cartridges
  • Installation tool enabling 90% of the performance to be achieved quickly
  • 9.5in is a drop in replacement for Rega geometry arms (25mm hole @-222mm)
  • 10.3in is the longest arm possible for Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 family
  • 12in arm has 24% reduction in distortion (25mm hole at 295mm from spindle)
  • SME, Technics, Thorens & Linn LP12 and Lenco mounting instructions
  • Fitted weight ~500 to 850g. This is similar to SME 3009 / Linn Ittok
  • Baerwald alignment (Fixed angle, adjustable overhang), thread / weight antiskate

Any other queries -- please ask us... 

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