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Purveyors of Musical Artifacts  


RELICS is a New Zealand music store established in 2013. 

RELICS HIFI (2 doors down) is the audio department established in August 2020.

We source NEW and 2ND HAND music: VINYL (RECORDS, LPs) CDs, DVDs and music related things for people that enjoy physical music products and we source quality HIFI gear fo those who love to experience superb sound.

Our stores are located at

We opened RELICS simply because we love music. We like to share music with others, to have a rant or two about days gone by - past bands and new ones in the mix... and because helping people is what we do. In RELICS HIFI we're dedicated to helping you find quality hifi components and systems so that you can experience superb sound! 

Different tastes in music and sound gear - make for an eclectic world. Whatever it is you love... we don't judge... we won't bite... and we'll help you find it!

Owners are Dave James - who has over 30 years of music retail experience in New Zealand (remember Corner Records? ... Echo, Marbecks), and wife Irene Hundleby, an ethnomusicologist (music, culture, people researcher) with over 25 years of retail/service experience.

In-store you'll also meet Bebe, Arlo, Andrew, Alan, Cain and Masin. All of our staff are passionate about music - most of us play instruments, are musicians, music degree graduates or specialists in sound. 

At Relics we pride ourselves on personalised customer service and care. Relics is a salute to record store culture of the past and continuation of that culture into the future. Simply ASK and we will do our best to connect you to whatever kinds of music you are looking for!  


info@relicsmusic.co.nz  or  hifi@relicsmusic.co.nz

+64 3 474 9394 music  
+64 3 425 7711 hifi

82 & 86 St Andrew Street

Dunedin 9016, NEW ZEALAND

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RELICS Record Store Day with Independent Records NZ: Video footage - 19 April 2014

Relics x Independent Records NZ | Record Store Day 2014 from Independent Records NZ on Vimeo.

On April 19th 2014, two independently owned & run music businesses came together to celebrate Record Store Day. Relics invited the Independent Records NZ crew down to their store to host two live performances in-store as well as the exclusive release of Independent's 'Ir 77' compilation CD.

Video & Editing | John Bollen
Music | Greenslade & Paul Cathro

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Trawling through the crates - the lost record stores of inner Auckland
Dave's 1980s-1990s store Corner Records gets a mention.
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 Dave James in Corner Records, Lorne Street, Auckland, c.1996.

Dave & Irene, Relics, Dunedin, Feb 2018. Image courtesy of Caroline Davies.

Our physical stores are OPEN 7 DAYS:
MONDAY to FRIDAY 9:30am - 5:30pm
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10:00am - 5:00pm


We are CLOSED on these public holidays:
Christmas Day (25 Dec), New Years Day (1 Jan), Good Friday, Easter Sunday,
and on Anzac Day (25 April) we are closed until 1pm.