Here are all of our amazing RELICS team members -- each with their own musical specialties and sound knowledge !! 


Renowned local Dunedin/NZ musician & electrical engineer 

Alan's graced many an album since the 80s and participated in more Flying Nun/ Dunedin bands than anyone we know!! Alan is super passionate about music and sound -- always happy to help you find a relic or the latest eclectic thing and he has a bunch to share about NZ music. You'll find Alan in both Relics record store and our new Relics hifi store, super knowledgeable about electronics and sound gear too... also, super lovely guy and we’re stoked he’s part of our team! 


Aka Noise NZ & "all-things-reggae" enthusiast

Andrew has worked solidly in Relics record store since 2016!! Andrew is a serious reggae 🇯🇲 enthusiast and turns his hands to DJing on a regular basis. He loves live music (especially at The Crown), playing pool and dogs. 🐕 🐕 We love him and are grateful for his consistency, reliability and all the help he's given us over all these years. You can ask him about just about anything music and he'll be super keen to help you out. 


Relics "record cleaning afficionado" & Saturday guy

Arlo began working at Relics when we opened our doors in 2013. Being our son, he's grown up with a ton of super-diverse music and soaked up record store vibes since he was little. Arlo is our expert record cleaning aficionado and you'll find him in the Record Store on Saturdays and over summer. Arlo is 2nd year at Uni studying geology and anthro. Recently he's been diggin #alicecoltrane and #Santana amongst more modern finds (loves the hip hop) and is always keen to enjoy a good end of week chill out! Thanks son for helping us create this fun-filled place - love you 🖤


"Pro-alphabetizer" alt-dance and hip-hop queen 

Pretty proud of our daughter too ❤️ when we say we’re a family business, we really mean it!!  Bebe started out at Marbecks at the age of 13, and has worked with us since we opened the doors in 2013 to build the Relics you experience today! After high-school, Bebe took a gap year and worked full-time in store with us. So, with all her experience, she can help you out with pretty much everything. Bebe recently completed a degree in philosophy, loves to dance and create art. Thanks Bebe for all your dedication and for sharing the family passion - love you 🖤


"Gringodevil" HIFI + MUSIC geek

Cain started with us in 2020 and has been responsible for helping us organise the best Relics Hifi stock we can get. He's also responsible for giving us a ton of laughs and keeping it real. Stop in to Relics Hifi to have a chat about any kind of sound gear on your wish list, he's had years working in sound (Perreaux, Strawberry Sound Audio, and the live gigging arm of Strawberry Sound) - you're also bound to be entertained!! Cain has an insane record collection (of just about every genre that exists) and loves a chat about ANYTHING music.


Local Musician + NZ Roots/Hip Hop Devotee

Our newest recruit Masin joined us in November 2020. He's in his second year at Uni studying music performance in voice. You’ll regularly find him on the live music circuit fronting Black Sale House - following in the family live music tradition!! Fave bands of his include Fat Freddy’s Drop, Anderson .Paak, Six60 and Denzel Curry  amongst others... with a curious musical mind he’s getting into some other fine finds. Ask and he’ll be happy to help you!



Captain of this Crazy Ship + Chief Spender of the $

Dave has now worked in the music industry for over 35 years!! He started in the 80s at the Record Exchange in Auckland and bought his first store CORNER RECORDS on Queen St at the age of 23. He's also a bass player and worked as band manager and bassist with band Dead Flowers in the 1990s. After relocating to Dunedin, he worked at Echo, managed The CD & DVD Store and also managed Marbecks (Dunedin). In 2013, Marbecks owners decided to change their business focus to food. Faced with the prospect of unemployment, Dave & his wife Irene, decided to take the plunge, purchase the fixtures and begin the risky business of owning a music store in the digital age! Since that moment, Dave has worked 7 days a week for 8 years running RELICS with Irene and he still loves it!! Ask him literally anything, he has a ridiculous memory for the weird and the wonderful, plus he always has a computer at hand 😂


Queen Relics + Dr-fix-&-organise-all-the-things

As a young child Irene convinced her parents to invest in her piano lessons, they cautiously agreed and her obsession with music began. Irene & Dave first met in Corner Records as younguns, and later in life bonded over music and rekindled their love for each other. In 2013, as they began to shape Relics, Irene started a PhD in music at the University of Otago -- those first few years were far from easy, but together they persevered -- cheered on by amazing staff, super supportive family and the Dunedin community. Dr. Irene's research has focused on recording and documenting the music and culture of her Solomon Islands tribes and she continues to be involved in community arts/music projects in NZ and Solomon Islands. Irene takes care of Relics operating systems, the Relics website, marketing & advertising, and has spent most of 2020 visualising and creating the new Relics Hifi store. You'll find her in both Relics record and Relics hifi stores, keen to spend time with you talking music !!