TWIST  has been developed to take advantage of the latest Black Rhodium research sound quality in a way that delivers a big improvement in sound quality at a modest and highly affordable cost. This objective has been achieved in TWIST CLASSIC.

RFI / EMI Technology to Further Reduce Distortion.

TWIST  is continuously twisted along their length to prevent the cable acting as a loop aerial. A cable that is untwisted has a larger surface area, therefore has a greater ability to attract RFI/EMI signals generated from Radio, Wifi, Mobile Phones and even central heating systems.

RFI/EMI filtering is applied by a large ferrite placed directly over the conductor wires at the loudspeaker end . This prevents high frequency noise modulating the signal at either end of the cable.

Both of the treatments above are designed to further reduce the amount of audible distortion in the cable, allowing cleaner, clearer sounds to be generated from your equipment.

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