TEX TONE SPEAKERS stands sold seperately
Real HiFi speakers made in Dunedin

The first thing that strikes you is the unique shape and stacked plywood design. The boxes feature 24 layers of 18 ply Baltic Birch plywood, CNC routed into one-piece shapes. The wood is cut locally and the different layers are then hand assembled by Tex. Inside, the box is damped and braced, while outside the finish is sleek and streamlined. Their shape and smooth finish make them way more tactile than your standard box speaker. People want to touch them. Hug them even


The 6.5” woofers have a low resonant frequency (Fs) of 29Hz. This, combined with the built-in port tuned to 35Hz, results in an impressive bass response from a relatively small cabinet. With the ring dome tweeters in an offset position, the distance to each cabinet edge differs, reducing baffle diffraction effects. The front edges of the cabinet are rounded, which also provides excellent stereo imaging.


Having no corner joints and being curved makes for a very strong structure with reduced resonance. The curved shape also dissipates sound waves randomly, reducing standing waves and flutter echoes inherent in most parallel wall designs.


The resulting sound is vibrant, immersive and dynamic. People hearing Tex Tones for the first time are always amazed when music they know well is brought to life through an exciting new listening experience.


"So, the strong bass was the first thing I noticed. The second was that the Tex Tones’ character leans more towards professional studio monitors than mellow and laid-back hi-fi speakers. Note that I said “leans.” These aren’t forensic tools that allow an engineer to hear every molecule contained on a master, but Tex is a highly experienced music industry professional. So it makes sense that he’d design speakers that don’t editorialize the music they’re playing. As he says on his website, “They allow you to really get ‘inside’ a song and can provide some real emotional moments.”


He’s correct. There’s clarity aplenty on offer here, the kind you expect from speakers at the $6,500 price point. High-quality drivers and a simple crossover constructed using top-notch components is likely a big part of that sound, but the solidly-built cabinet would be playing a huge role as well."   AshK Witchdoctor 27th Sep 2020

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