Birth of a record store!

Posted on February 09, 2014 by Irene Hundleby


Birth of a record store!


Rome wasn't built in a day, and our store didn't happen overnight either... without the support of so many it wouldn't have happened at all...

Biggest hugest THANK YOU's go out to...

ALL our generous and supportive suppliers.. most especially...

Simon Vare (Yellow Eye), Roger Marbeck (Ode Records & Marbecks - Queens Arcade), Warwick Jordan (Hard to Find Bookstore - Dowling Street) and Jacqui Sturm (Eye Candy).


Thank you Luci McConnon (design assistance) and DJ Champion (computer systems).. you are a rocking team! 

Matt Langley, Damo Smith and Bruce Caddy - practical instore help pre-opening - you guys are true bro's!!! 

Bruce from Ravensbourne for breaking your back helping us move.

Manny (Manny's Bar) and Harry (Indian Food Mart) for your warmth and generous spirit in welcoming us to this St. Andrew Street block! ... also to the Rock Shop boys and gal for your enthusiasm! Community spirit makes the world go round...

Thanks Geoff Dunn and Gordon Stevenson (Just for the Record) and Mike Pearce (Strawberry Sound) for being cool and sharing... 

Sarah Williamson for completing our team and constantly going with the flow!


To our family on the ground here in Dunedin and around the country...

Our fantastic kids Bebe and Arlo for all your patience and tolerance and amazing muscle power !! 

Kira and Corinne for all the listening and cleaning power !! 

Michael and Megan for the paperwork - logistics help - mucho love! 

To our parents Colin and Lyn, Peter and Sally for your incredible support and for believing in us - LOVE YOU ALL xxxx


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