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Saturday 19 April 2014 !!!

Come celebrate with us... doors open 10am 

  • 14% off purchases made in-store
  • Special releases - first come... first served...



INDEPENDENT RECORDS NZ CD SAMPLER will be available in-store for purchase on RECORD STORE DAY!!!






  • KAHU


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If you feel moved to help RELICS has an appeal box in-store on our counter just inside the door:

86 St. Andrew Street, Dunedin

No donation is too small, and we really appreciate your love, care and support!


Honiara disaster update 11/4/14

I have just spoken with one of my cousins Chanel Iroi. Chanel was trained in New Zealand as a meterologist and is part of the government emergency support team in Honiara. He had this to say to me today:

"we are working around the clock to get relief supplies to camps. Most camps are using schools so its affecting starting of schools as well...the immediate task is to reduce the number in those camps. we are looking at volunteers..especially those whose homes are still ok...the government might look at assisting them. at the moment there are more than 8,000 people in the evacuation centres and looking after them is a great challenge"

Local Solomon Islanders in Dunedin have also started an appeal for practical goods such as clothing, blankets, mosquito nets and bedding. If you would like to donate please contact:

Joy Breward 0273301906
Ivica Gregurec 0223196709

If you have fundraising ideas yourself, we welcome your kiwi ingenuity!

The Solomon Island community in New Zealand is small, but with your help we can change lives.

Join our facebook page for more info!   DUNEDIN SI FLOODS HELP

Funds are also being raised through SOLOMON OUTREACH SOCIETY (NZ Charitable Trust 2582042)

If you would like to make a larger donation or you are outside Dunedin, you can do so by depositing into the following account:


Account No: 38 9015 0032073 01

Tagio tumas! Thank you!  
Solomon Outreach Society* is a charitable trust that helps Solomon Island communities source practical aid, medical supplies and school equipment, to assist communities towards great education and good health. Past projects have focused on sourcing second-hand items in New Zealand and recycling items such as desks, books, chairs and clothing, and shipping to communities in Solomon Islands to give children and their families practical support. Following the 2014 flood disaster in Honiara, your monetary support will be channelled directly to aid organisations volunteering and supporting our Honiara families. 
*New Zealand Charitable Trust No. 2582042


A Reflection on how this disaster is affecting Solomon Islanders 6/4/14

I am a Solomon Island-New Zealander. For all of us Solomon Islanders, watching the news of substantial flooding in our capital Honiara in the last few days has been absolutely heartbreaking. Many of us have still not been able to confirm the whereabouts of our family members, and we are left wondering about the safety of our loved ones. In any country a tragedy such as this pushes resources to the limits, but for us the one town that is the hub of our country has been battered and devastated, and we just do not have the infrastructure or internal support to be able to handle such a disaster.


Fig 1 & 2. Before flood - © Photos courtesy Sally & Peter Hundleby 2012


Fig 3. Old Mataniko Bridge collapses 3/4/14 


Fig 4. Flooded Mataniko river 4/4/14


Fig 5. Searching for loved ones 4/4/14 

The worries for us are not just finding and grieving the bodies of those who have died (official numbers are now at 21 and rising - many are still missing) but also about enabling those who are alive to be able to survive. These are the problems our families now have to deal with:

  • Gardens and agriculture have been devastated. Everybody in Honiara relies on home-grown vegetables and fruit to survive (usually bought daily from the big outdoor market in downtown Honiara... picture a massive Farmers Market). Speaking with cousins today they told me the daily market has very little fresh food left. In the next few days we expect most people will resort to a plain rice diet. It will be many months if not years to return gardens to their former state. (Supermarkets as we have in New Zealand are small and very expensive, and generally not used for fresh produce).
Fig 6 & 7. Honiara main marketplace - © Photos courtesy Sally & Peter Hundleby 2012
  • The town water supply has been shut down. This is because the water is so polluted from the flooding, and I am told many main pipes have burst. Water is being delivered to people, but as of this afternoon (3 days since the flooding began) my family in a central Honiara area, had not yet seen any water. In areas that are more rural and cut off by destroyed bridges, getting fresh and clean water is even more difficult.
  • Diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever (both of which are common in Solomon Islands) become an even bigger problem with large amounts of water, where mosquitos can breed in even greater numbers. Outbreaks of disease such as Cholera and problems with dysentery are likely, and large groups of people and overcrowding in evacuation centres can add to the spread of deadly disease.
  • Many are homeless - the numbers are now climbing. I have personally heard estimates between 10,000 to 35,000. Most Solomon Islanders live in 'leaf-haus' accommodation, temporary housing made from local plants. Many of those homeless have lost all their belongings, their clothing, and shelter. 


Fig 8 & 9. Typical leaf haus in Honiara - © Photos courtesy Sally & Peter Hundleby 2012

It will probably be many weeks before we find out the true extent of damage and how much those in rural areas have suffered. Currently we can only be sure of the devastation in the main town area, because we can see footage and talk with people via phone. In the rural areas, we just will not know until support workers can reach them. The truth is that Solomon Islanders are resilient, and we will help each other to get through this. But we can do with all the help we can get.

Links to NEWS ARTICLES about Guadalcanal Flooding:

TVNZ News article 6/4/14

TVNZ News article 5/4/14

NZ Herald 7/4/14

Solomon Star article 7/4/14 - Helicopter food delivery to isolated West Guadalcanal 7/4/14

Radio New Zealand News 8/4/14

Pacific Scoop article 9/4/14 - Brave boy tells of surviving flood


Solomon Islanders LOVE music. Bob Marley is probably the most famous and loved musician in Solomon Islands.

We love our reggae, and we love this song!  And we can get through this together :)

Funds raised will be channeled through SOLOMON OUTREACH SOCIETY (NZ Charitable Trust 2582042)

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Ok METAL HEADS... we just scored a huge pile of BRAND NEW NUCLEAR BLAST CD's, DVDs and BLURAYs.. these will NOT be going on our website.. 

All going out the door at $20 each (First in first served)... Great titles from the last 5 years such as MESHUGGAH, ANTHRAX, NILE, DEATH ANGEL, CHILDREN of BODOM, SABATON, SEPULTURA... and so much more.. check it out!



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KIA'ORA! Here's a few things we think you might care to know about that are happening now and in the near future...

SEBADOH - Chicks Hotel

Sun 30 March & Mon 31 March

Tickets selling quickly, get in while you can... you can buy them here. It's not often we get international gigs to Dunedin in such intimate settings.. make the most of it! Dave and Irene already have tix and will definitely be there!

Feel like you need to stock up on some listening check out our selection of Sebadoh instore here!

DAMIEN DEMPSEY 'It's all good tour' - Maori Hill Coronation Hall

Friday 28 March 7:30pm

We are selling tickets to this gig - pop in to RELICS and grab them for $33 (on the night tix will be $40 on the door!)

Here again is an international act well worth seeing - super duper famous in Ireland!

Fans that we have talked to can't quite believe that he is performing live in Dunedin - and again in such an intimate setting! If you don't know who he is, check out his music online or you can purchase his CD from us here ... this performance could be an opportunity you don't want to miss...

SOUTHERN SINFONIA 'We will remember them' - Dunedin Town Hall

Saturday 29 March 8:00pm

Jessica Cottis Conductor 
Kristian Chong Piano

Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin 
Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand 
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 3 - A Pastoral Symphony

Free pre-talk by Dr. Andrew Deruchie (Lecturer in the Music Dept @ University of Otago) 7:10 - 7:30pm. I highly recommend any talk by Andrew - informative, entertaining and guaranteed to teach you something you don't know!!

Such talented performers, fantastic works, and an awesome article in today's Otago Daily Times on Jessica Cottis... For more info about this performance, visit the Southern Sinfonia website here!

Feel free to check out our Classical Corner blog as well for news specific to Western Art Music!



For those that don't already know, a couple of weeks ago, RELICS started a new facebook page. (You can also access this page from the footer of our website).

We will post all kinds of things pertaining to music here... know that by liking this page you are supporting independent music stores...


Whether you are located here in Dunedin or miles away across the seas, we are always happy to hear from you, and we will try to keep things interesting for you and help you keep up to date on tidbits of info...


Saturday 19 April - ALL DAY!

Keep this date free! and watch this space... details to follow in the next 2 weeks YAY!!!!!

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CLASSICAL CORNER: Lets take a musical tiki tour through the ages...

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CLASSICAL CORNER: Lets take a musical tiki tour through the ages...

So... every now and then I do a little bit of tutoring at the University of Otago. This week tutorial classes began for Music students studying Musi102 - Music in Western Culture. I love this paper - a mix of historical context, a lot of listening and reading from the Medieval period through to the 20th Century. It is a quick dance through the centuries that gets my imagination flying and always leaves me in awe of the many great composers that have graced this earth. So in the midst of some pretty interesting lectures this week, I got to thinking, how about we do a blog that mirrors the adventure these students go on?

Long story short if you love CLASSICAL music then this blog could be something you might enjoy. Every week I will post music by the composers these students are studying, along with little tidbits of interesting info about the composers as we travel through the ages.

Simply go to the BLOG dropdown box (below the RELICS logo at the top of the page) and select CLASSICAL CORNER.. or CLICK HERE Hope you enjoy! 

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Experience the awesome force of Irish working class hero, Damien Dempsey, up-close and solo in his first ever New Zealand shows. 
From the post-pub singsongs of his childhood home to the stadiums of the world, Damien Dempsey is one of the biggest acts out of Ireland today. Following in the footsteps of The Dubliners and The Pogues, and adding reggae and rock and Celtic rap, Dempsey imbues traditional Irish folk with hard-hitting social themes. Astonishingly gifted, his arrow-true voice is powerful and poignant, his live performances, passionate and profound. 
With fans that include Brian Eno, Sinéad O’Connor, Bob Dylan and U2, (both of whom he has shared a bill with), and Morrissey, who invited him to support him on his US tour, Damien’s albums have topped the charts and gone Platinum, and he has been lauded by, among others, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Billboard, MOJO and The Sunday Times. 
Hot on the heels of the release of It's All Good, The Best of Damien Dempsey, a celebration of his career to date, Damien Dempsey is touring to Australia and New Zealand. 

Doors 7.30 pm with Australian Mick McHugh in support.



Available through RELICS: $33.00

$40 on the door!



DAMIEN DEMPSEY: IT'S ALL GOOD 2 CD ALBUM also available instore at RELICS.

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Birth of a record store!

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Birth of a record store!


Rome wasn't built in a day, and our store didn't happen overnight either... without the support of so many it wouldn't have happened at all...

Biggest hugest THANK YOU's go out to...

ALL our generous and supportive suppliers.. most especially...

Simon Vare (Yellow Eye), Roger Marbeck (Ode Records & Marbecks - Queens Arcade), Warwick Jordan (Hard to Find Bookstore - Dowling Street) and Jacqui Sturm (Eye Candy).


Thank you Luci McConnon (design assistance) and DJ Champion (computer systems).. you are a rocking team! 

Matt Langley, Damo Smith and Bruce Caddy - practical instore help pre-opening - you guys are true bro's!!! 

Bruce from Ravensbourne for breaking your back helping us move.

Manny (Manny's Bar) and Harry (Indian Food Mart) for your warmth and generous spirit in welcoming us to this St. Andrew Street block! ... also to the Rock Shop boys and gal for your enthusiasm! Community spirit makes the world go round...

Thanks Geoff Dunn and Gordon Stevenson (Just for the Record) and Mike Pearce (Strawberry Sound) for being cool and sharing... 

Sarah Williamson for completing our team and constantly going with the flow!


To our family on the ground here in Dunedin and around the country...

Our fantastic kids Bebe and Arlo for all your patience and tolerance and amazing muscle power !! 

Kira and Corinne for all the listening and cleaning power !! 

Michael and Megan for the paperwork - logistics help - mucho love! 

To our parents Colin and Lyn, Peter and Sally for your incredible support and for believing in us - LOVE YOU ALL xxxx


Otago Daily Times (ODT) article Jan 2014:

University of Otago Bulletin article Jan 2014:





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